Being fair

She was my eldest and we make sure that every occasions of her life is well celebrated. On June 3 she will be celebrating her 3rd birthday and we’re planning to celebrate it on Universal Studios here in Singapore.  Last night, as we (my hubby and I) were talking about it, he told me that we are being unfair. When my youngest (Joacquin) celebrated his first birthday, it was just a simple celebration with only us and her sister on the event. I just cooked spaghetti and he bought cake and gives him gifts but no other important relatives present.  Unlike my eldest (Ericka), his occasions are less extravagant.  So, to make it up with him we are planning to go back home (in the Philippines) to hold a big party for his baptism.

Yes, we are practicing equality with both of them to avoid resentment when they grow up. I think this is one of the many ways to avoid sibling rivalry. This is our way to show them that we love them just the same. Though they won’t probably understand it now, soon they will be looking at pictures and ask me things.  By then, we can easily show them that we gave same utmost importance to their occasions. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Being fair

  1. Hi! We are from a province in the Philippines called Batangas. It is famous for its nice beaches. We are 2 hours away from Manila. Palawan and Cebu is gorgeous, but Manila isn’t.. 😦 It’s very crowded now.

  2. Well said. It can be very difficult to practice equity between your children. The key is realizing what each child views as special. For example, my oldest would take a party, in which he is the center of attention, every day of the week. My second son would see that same party as a punishment. I guess that it is all about balance.

    You are a good writer, so keep writing! 😉


    • Hi! Thank you so much for the comment.
      “The key is realizing what each child views special”, you are right! How come I never think of this? 🙂 Actually, all that we did is give each other almost the same things and the same treatment without even thinking if they really want them or if it is something that they appreciate.

  3. My birthday is June 4! And my son’s is June 16. June is a very good month! I’m sure your children will all grow up knowing they’ve been loved equally by their parents!

  4. Wow! My daughter’s birthday is June 3. 🙂 Actually, I love the month of June because the peole I know who are born in this month is smart and responsible. Thank you so much for the comment! I really appreciate it!

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