The Difference

We are living far away from home. We are in a foreign land called Singapore and now my kids are singing and (almost) memorized the national anthem of Singapore. I was washing the dishes when I heard them singing aloud the “Majulah Singapura!” I don’t know if I will just ignore it or teach them our own national anthem, the “Lupang Hinirang”, the Philippine National Anthem.

Kids really can adapt well. Apart from learning the song, my kids eat spicy foods too. As we all know, the food here are sometimes hot and spicy and they have no problem with it. They watch Mandarin shows and seem to understand it. Our language is neither mandarin nor English but they enjoy watching shows with those languages. They learn their ABC’s and 1-20 from those shows and other things like greetings, table manners, etc.  I’m planning to enroll them on a nursery here that don’t cost us our whole salary, so that they can learn new things and see if they can make friends with other nationalities.

I wish I could be like them. Until now, I’m dreaming of waking up in a morning greeted by chuckling rooster and barking dog. I’m still dreaming of having breakfast with my parents and talk things over a cup of “kapeng barako”. Kapeng barako is a locally brewed coffee in our province. I still can hear my sister’s shrill voice over the phone asking what’s for breakfast today. I miss everything about our little province and I can’t adapt really fast just like my kids do. Moreover, I missed looking out of the window and see real people walking by and speaking my own language, trees, dogs, and kids. Here, looking out of the window means seeing another window from a building or just buildings. This place is very far from my hometown, it’s modern, neat and strange. It’s a first world country with everything that you need is within reach. Everything is man made even the beaches and lakes. 🙂 And my hometown is opposite but I nonetheless, love it so much. If only we had a choice. 😦

singapore at night time

Photo taken by: Architect Andrew A.

MBS Singapore

Photo taken by: Architect Andrew A.

A scenery near us, Taal Volcano




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