Good Morning!

I woke up having a terrible headache this morning. I got up and prepared dad’s clothes. After saying a lot of bye’s and I love you’s to daddy, we’re back to bed at around 6:30 am.  Yes, my kids usually get up earlier than 6 am and we’re pretty used to it. Lying in bed, I watch my kids playing and drinking milk. Despite a terrible headache and a blurry vision, I find myself playing pretend with them.

Ecka got a pillow and form it into a triangle (like a roof she said).

Ecka: Mom, this is a triangle and this is a dog house.

Mommy: Wow, very good! So are you a dog?

Ecka: No, I’m a baby cat… no, I’m a baby duck.

So, a baby duck living in a dog house?! Ok, we continued….

Ecka: Mom, I’m eating! Yum! Yum!  (Eating nothing inside her doghouse.)

Wacky drinking milk, listening and getting ready to rumble.

Ecka: Wacky no! Move, this is my house!  Mom, help! The daddy dinosaur is here!

Alright, Ecka is a baby duck, and her little brother is a daddy dinosaur not a “baby” dinosaur. So what am I? Conversation continued.

Mom: So what am I? Am I a mommy dinosaur too?

Ecka: NO! You are a “mommy duck” and daddy is a “daddy duck”, and wacky is a daddy dinosaur.

How come Wacky is the only different creature in our family? And then, Wacky strikes again. Grabbing and hugging her big sister a little too tight and finally destroyed her sister’s dog house by using it as a real pillow. Now I know why.  Crying and fighting followed. Oh! My head hurts more. We jump out of the bed and headed to the kitchen.

Ecka: Mom, what’s for breakfast today?

Mom: You can have what you want. What do you want?

I offered her biscuit but chose rice crackers. I gave in, its junkfood I know but my head aches. I gave Wacky salted biscuit for a start. For a start means a lot of eating will follow. My kids loves to eat from time to time.

Ecka: Mom, what’s your breakfast.

Mom: Coffee and panadol (pain reliever).

Ecka: Mom, are you sick.

Mom: Yes, so be a good girl and good boy today, ok?

Ecka didn’t answer. Walk to the living room.

Ecka: Mom, can you open the t.v. , Mom, can you change my dress into “fashion”. (She meant a flowery dress and she thinks it’s fashionable.) Mom, can we take a bath now. Mom,mom,mom!

A lot of orders from Ecka will follow. I had to sip my coffee faster, and the panadol must work now!

Wacky was crying on the background and wanted something that we didn’t have as of the moment, his favorite panda chocolate biscuit.

Oh my God! Good morning!





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