Shopping isn’t that fun anymore

Lately I’ve been avoiding shopping and doing the groceries alone with the kids. I find doing this thing exhausting, humiliating and more. I’ve never felt this way before when my kids both fit in the stroller and do nothing aside from sitting there watching me stuffing the cart or rummaging clothes on the hang. Things are different now.

1. They both want to walk and run and scream at the same time.

2. They wanted to eat the chocolates on display when we haven’t paid it yet.

3. They stuff my cart with candies and biscuits and every toy along the way.

4. They cried when I take so much time deciding about a piece of clothing.

5. They join me on the fitting room screaming how big my tummy is or reveals the color of my underwear!

6. They want to buy new toys and new clothes when I have bought them enough.

7. They want to eat fries from time to time.

8. Suddenly they wanted to sleep at home in the middle of shopping!

9. Again they cried if they don’t get to sleep.

10. They touch everything dirty, the railings the floors, the chairs! Smell the table and wipe them with their hands.

How I dreaded this activity. It drained my energy. I felt screaming too. The stares from people around me make me sick as if they’ve never been kids before. As if I am an irresponsible mother who don’t know how to handle my kids. I wanted to yell at them to stop looking at the trouble we created. Just please ignore us because you’re not helping.  These days, we managed to stay at home for a week. Weekends will be the only time that we can go out because Daddy will be with us but sometimes Dad can’t bear with us too. 😦

This too shall pass. For the meantime, we just have to wait until they are able to behave in public and then we can rock the shopping malls again. However, I take them to child friendly places so that they can enjoy outside world.  Kids will only be kids for a short time and I don’t want to blot their youth. 🙂






12 thoughts on “Shopping isn’t that fun anymore

  1. Oh yeah! When I was pregnant with li’l bit, people would comment on how I’d have my hands full with a newborn and a 2-year old. Even then I knew I could handle that….what terrified me was the next year…having a 1-year old and 3-year old running in opposite directions. They’re 6 and 4 now and I’m really not sure which is worse, when they constantly want the opposite thing or when they team up against me! 🙂

    I hate those self-righteous people in stores who give you dirty looks because the kids are being kids and you can’t “control” them and then give you dirty looks when you scold them because after all, they’re just being kids. A cashier was really snarky with me once (the kids weren’t even being that bad…just boys excited about going to a birthday party) and said that some people should really leave their kids home with Daddy. I was shocked but I snapped at her that they don’t have a Daddy but not to worry because we’d take our business elsewhere! I never take my kids to the store with me if I can help it but whenever I see another mom struggling, I always try to give her a smile or some kind of encouragement. Some people may forget, but I’m quite certain all moms have been there!

    • Right, those judgemental people who gave me dirty looks worsen the situation. Next time, I’ll be asking them what are they staring at! lol That cashier for sure is childless or just mindless! 🙂
      Anyway, thanks for the comment and thanks for giving smiles to those struggling moms at the shop, I’ll be doing that the next time to other mom!

  2. this is so true, when my son was about 2-3 years old, he used to pull my hair in public, touch parts of my body that shouldn’t be touch in front of other people..and the list goes on..
    but you’re right, this too shall pass, now that he’s a bit older, he don’t want to come with us to do shopping or groceries anymore, and I’m sure you’re going to miss that a lot. He’s more comfortable at home now watching tv or playing and I’m the one now convincing him to join me, promising that he’ll get the toy he wants if he comes with us.
    Time will come that our kids doesn’t belong to us anymore, so enjoy the time that they are still on their little own world with you.

    • lol with the the “touch parts of my body that shouldn’t be touch”! Sometimes my kids are really annoying most especially in public but I’ll be thinking of what you have said. Thanks for always dropping by mama! I love you! mwah mwah! 🙂

  3. Shopping with children can be challenging. Since I only have one son (who’s grown now), I really didn’t have that much difficulty. Oh, he definitely wanted me to buy everything for him! That part I can relate to.
    It won’t be long before they’ll all be grown, and these days will just be a memory.

    • Whenever I looked at them throwing tantrums, I can’t think of anything but to wish them grow sooner. But after reading your comment, I think I’ll be more patient.. 🙂 Thanks a lot! 🙂

  4. I think you wrote about me!! Every single thing here is just what I’ve been experiencing!! I am so glad to find another mom is struggling with this too. I even broke down and looked online for ordering my groceries (I’m not at that point, yet). But I do get a lot of other things from Amazon.

    Grocery shopping with my 2 and 4 year old daughters exhausts me. It is a constant mind game, a game of wits. Will it get any easier?

    Thank you SO much for posting this! I feel a lot better 🙂

    • Hi there! We are not alone after all. Maybe a lot of moms are experiencing this stage of “shopping dilemma”. I have an almost 2 years old boy and a 3 year old girl and they are quite a handful, so these days I never attempt to do it alone. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by Kim! Have a great day!

  5. I totally relate. I’ve done the grocery shopping before with the kids wearing my iPod with one earbud in. Helps calm me down so I can be more calm to them. I’m also lucky enough to live in a place where you can get the groceries delivered.

    When the little guy was 5 I had to get an undergarment and had no choice but to bring him with me. All the ladies in the dressing room weren’t thrilled about this, but it was for my wedding to his Dad and it was literally the only half hour I had. Made him cover his eyes while I changed. He looked only after I was wearing the dress over it & he said, “You look beautiful!” I heard one of those unhappy ladies go “Awww!”

    One day they’ll be in school, and it’ll be easier!

  6. I wish I could get my groceries delivered at my doorstep too, but I don’t know if they do that thing in here. Wearing an ipod on one ear is a great idea but I have to buy an iPod first, lol! I’m happy that a lot of moms can relate to this post, and you are right soon they will be in school and it’ll be easier! Thanks! 🙂

  7. catching up on your posts that I’ve missed…. had to laugh at this one! Love it!
    I feel your pain. Bugaboo doesn’t like to sit in the cart. He wants down which means, he is off and running, which means, i spend the next ten minutes trying to find him… I always find him in the balloon section of the store. The employees know me now and know just to give Bugs a free balloon… then he is happy… for the next ten minutes… then he wants down again… learned my lesson… bugaboo stays at home with daddy and mommy has some grocery shopping alone time… it’s great.

  8. I wanted to do it alone too, but the drama whenever I left them with Daddy is heart wrenching! I’m exxagerating here, but my husband will call me to hurry up bacause they are crying non stop. I alwayas ended up going home with no groceries AT ALL.

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