The Ten Roses Goes To…

Welcome to the most shocking rose ceremony in writing prompt history. Please award roses to the ten people (or items) in your life that you would like to continue pursuing a relationship with.

For those who don’t know where am I getting this prompt, well you can find Mama’s losin’ it here. She has a lot of writing prompts for you to choose from in case you don’t have an inspiration. Hope the link works (I’m trying to add the link and I hope to be successful now). Thanks to Dianna of “These Days of mine” for helping me. She has a lovely site too; it is really worth the visit.

So let’s award the roses! The following really deserve it. 🙂

1. To my husband whose always been there for me no matter what. You deserve the first rose because you are the first person who truly understands my insanity. You gave me an extra battery whenever I’m feeling worn out, listen to me during my PMS days (those days I felt like worthless, not capable and horrible mother), and say encouraging words like “you are not fat, I hate skinny woman!” or “you’re not pregnant, I’m sure of it!” Those words meant a lot to me.  It keeps me going!

2. My kids deserve the second rose. The whole world knows how much I love them and how I’m willing to sacrifice everything for them. I ‘m willing to give up my privacy (I’m peeing with doors wide open). I’d be happy to switch favorite shows (from Ellen to Sesame Street) because I know I will learn a lot from Sesame Street and will be wasting my time laughing at Ellen’s topic and dances. Those are just few examples, but you know how much I’m dedicated don’t you?

3. The third rose is for my kid’s guardian angel. Yesterday, my best friend and I were talking over the phone (you know the usual senseless conversation, laughing and everything) when suddenly my daughter pushed Wacky so hard lurching him  onto the floor leaving him crying and hurt I guess but he’s just fine. There are instances where due to my carelessness, my kids were sometimes at risk but the guardian angel was always there saving them. I can’t explain why but I really believe that someone is watching our children when we aren’t looking. So please stay guardian angel, let’s continue our relationship.  I’m normal here, don’t laugh at me!

4. Of course my parents deserve the fourth rose. My mother deserves the flower and my father deserves the stem with lots of thorn on it. Just kidding, I’ll remove the thorns for him. You’ll know why when I write about them soon. Oh before I forgot please share the leaves and the roots to my siblings and grandma too. 😉

5. I never thought that completing 10 items were hard, so half of the fifth rose is for my best friend. I can never reveal his name here because he’s an actor and he doesn’t want bad publicity but he deserves a spot here. He’s been my friend longer than a decade and it feels so great to have him by my side, saneness or insaneness. The other half of the rose is for Mama Dons for making us laugh and making things lighter for us. She’s also a mommy like me and sharing things with her is easy and she loves reading my blog too!

6. To my parents-in-law, you deserve a rose too. Whenever I’m confused of what a normal parent would look like, I’ll be thinking of them. They are sensible and rare because they are not the typical in laws. The typical means the intruder, the trouble maker, etc. and they are NOT like that. I know you’re thinking I’m blessed and I know I am.

7. As much as I want to, I’d like to give the 7th rose to the stroller, feeding bottles and diaper but I don’t want to continue pursuing my relationship with them so, NO! These things won’t get it. The Washing machine and the television deserve it better. The television for taking good care of my kids while I’m doing the dishes and cooking and the washing machine for the endless laundry work! I love you both; you never seem to get tired.  Can we switch roles sometimes?

8. WordPress deserve this rank! Thank you for hosting a free blog site. You know blogging keeps my brain working. Also share some of the petals to the people who inspired me to blog, the mommy bloggers! We rock!

9. I’m scratching my head now, I have two roses left and I don’t know who else or what else deserve a rose and suddenly I think of giving myself a rose too. Yes, I deserve it and I will continue to pursue a relationship with myself. I promised to nurture you (I’m speaking to myself) and watch your weight (how I wish) to the best of my capability.

10. The 10th rose will be shared by the following: Mc Donalds, KFC, Pizza Hut, Subway and Kopitiam for giving us decent meal sometimes when I don’t have the power to be a chef anymore.

At last I’m done! So thank you everyone for attending I hope you had a good time. Have a great day! 🙂


6 thoughts on “The Ten Roses Goes To…

  1. Fab post, thank you! I’ m with you on MacDonalds, and the stroller which I have now left behind, because my two are seven and ten now. And WordPress….what can I say….

  2. Thanks for the fun post. I love those writing prompts…good to get you thinking! Cute thoughts here–you’re fun to “listen” to. 🙂

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