Fun family day?

It’s been a while. All this time that I’m not blogging I’ve been pretty busy with some stuff. My dear Ecka celebrated her 3rd birthday and we went to Universal Studios Singapore as a present to her. Well, she anticipated that gift so much, only to throw tantrums there. What to expect?! The place was crowded like a supermarket during weekends and the temperature is a little too hot for them. I’m trying to put the pictures here but to my dismay, it was so h-a-r-d!  So maybe I’ll just clip the photo of my birthday girl.

We did enjoy but it was so tiring we forget that the day was supposed to be “fun!”  My little boy was scared most of the time because of the mascots and the 4D Shrek presentation. He was trembling like a cold penguin (is there such a thing?) If I were to rate that family day, it would be 2 ½ stars. 2 stars for seeing the characters they love and ½ star for the rest of the place. And boy! Did I tell you that it cost more than the attraction it offers?!  But I was done complaining and planning another family trip ahead in 6 weeks. This time I’ll make sure that it will be fun and tantrum-free. 



6 thoughts on “Fun family day?

  1. Hi kate! my daughter really loves birthday, she is always excited about this event that’s why we always think of a nice present for her but we don’t expect that the crowd will flood the place. Anyway, at least she see Princess Fiona! 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!
    I can relate… took Bugaboo out to the park to take photos. I wanted to have the picture perfect photos and had everything set up the way I wanted too… only thing is that Bugs had other plans. He didn’t want to stand where I wanted him too. He didn’t want to look up at me when I called his name. He was tired and grumpy and didn’t want his photo taken. Sometimes things don’t go as we planned, but after a tantrum, I put the camera away and just let him run. We played and had a good time. I never got the shots I wanted, but we had a fun afternoon together afterall. You just gotta roll with it and tell yourself to slow down and relax.

    • Maybe that’s what I need, “slow down and relax.” It was really hard going out these days because of their tantrums. Sometimes, I just wanted to stay home but I don’t want them to miss things like this so I just bear with it. Thanks for the kind words, I really appreciate! 🙂

  3. What a precious picture of your daughter! I think every mother knows your feelings at having the day not go exactly as you planned. I agree: you have to just roll with it and enjoy the little moments!

    • Hi diana, I really love this picture because this is her when she feels good. She’s very excited in here. I’m slowly accepting the fact that things won’t really go as planned and maybe *just maybe* our next family vacation will be different! Crossing my fingers here. 🙂

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