Life’s little pleasures

Years ago, I find it hard to have pleasures in simple things. I want just so much more and work so hard to get it. But now, things have changed. I found happiness in the littlest thing. I believe that contentment is the key to realizing your true happiness and eventually peace of mind. It’s a constant struggle maybe because today is not the same as yesterday but what matters is how you face each day with a positive mind. What surprises me are the following odd things that gives me so much bliss and it sometimes warmth my heart I could grill something on it!

  • A whole day with my kids without throwing tantrums. I can feel the heaven on our home. I can almost see their wings and finally realizes that they are indeed angels and the doubt that they come from another planet, vanishes. And so having tantrum free kids, makes me free to surf the net all day, lay in the couch half-dead and read all I want. I could almost hear myself saying “this is life!” loudly and thank God I stayed at home.
  • A clean house! Yeah, that’s it. When I was single, I don’t bother cleaning our house because my mother does the work and I just mess it after. So I guess, it’s a bad karma. After cleaning for hours until I can’t move because my back felt like hell, my kids will just need 5 to 10 minutes to throw the house upside down. So seeing my house clean is a total bliss.
  • A weekend of shopping and dining out. Even a stroll in the mall will do. I love it! Who doesn’t?! Well, unfortunately my hubby doesn’t like it as much as I do. He prefers to stay at home, watch whatever and play whatever computer and downloaded games.
  •  A perfect dish for dinner! I love cooking but sometimes it doesn’t love me back. Whenever I’m trying something new I found it bland, too salty or just not edible. Arrgghh! So when, a perfect dish comes out of my talent, I really felt good and so proud of myself. I will ask my hubby if it’s bad because I know he will answer that it’s first-rate. Talking about feeding your ego while feeding your tummy, that’s me.
  • A long conversation with my Mom back home. We can talk for hours. I remember when I was in high school I don’t love talking to her because we can’t relate that much but things turn out unexpectedly. She and my sister are the best of friends now. The end of our conversation will be my mother telling me that the phone felt too hot.
  • The last but not the least is a bit materialistic kind of happiness. I found myself so happy having an iPhone. I really love it, though everyone owns it ever since, having an iPhone this late is far better. While everyone is tired and bored with their gadget I’m happy downloading free apps like Archie Comics and I’m using Instagram as if it’s Twitter. So if you want I can follow you just pm me but be sure to follow me too, it’s a deal.

These things make me so happy these days. I know it isn’t a big deal, in fact it was just small things but I’m just silly and simple like that. So, having a fridge full of dark chocolates will be so much for me. Maybe I will find myself jumping but it won’t happen so I’ll just dream of it. An iPad2 will be luxury for me, but I’d gladly use it if my husband gives it to me as a present for our wedding anniversary or an iMac will do! Hahahaha! Yeah, that simple things that cost a lot! But seriously, I found myself easy to please nowadays. I think I’ve learned to finally appreciate everything even it’s too small for others. For me, it’s definitely worth it and absolutely something to be thankful for. Just waking up healthy and sound is a true good thing.

Oh and lastly, I think you have to find happiness in what you’re doing. You’ll never be happy if you complain as much as you work and sigh as much as you smile.







4 thoughts on “Life’s little pleasures

  1. hi kate, thanks.. Sometimes those little things really make a difference. Life will be uncomplicated if everyone appreciates something about everything. 🙂 Have a great day!

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