Four years and forever to go!

I don’t know what I did in my past life and God gave me a wonderful husband as a reward. Maybe, I helped the street children or maybe saved extinct species like dinosaurs which apparently shows that I’m not successful but Thank you God for giving him to me. Four years ago today, we got married and promised to stay together forever…

Through thick and thin, though it seems that I’m the only one changing from thick to the not-so-thin stage and you remain slim. So unfair!

For richer and poorer, though still we haven’t experienced the first word.

And in sickness and in health, though I’m the only whose always sickly and nutty.

Five years ago, we met and who would’ve known that we’ll be married. We landed on the same office for reasons that only destiny knows. I remembered your first smile and the first time you sat beside me because you have nothing to do on your first day. Government offices were just like that, hiring staff whenever they get bored. Before we went home, you can’t resist my charm and asked for my number and I reluctantly gave it to you (which is a lie). I’m waiting for that moment actually, and when you asked I almost jumped and planned to give you my home phone number as well.

On that day, I know it was you, though you probably don’t know it yet. I carefully planned how will you know it but stalking you after office hours and hiding behind the trees just to get a glimpse of you driving wasn’t part of it, I promise! Sigh… Time passed by so quickly. I wish we had more but we had it fast forward. Three months after we met, we dated. And after a year and a half in a relationship, we got married.

I remember our wedding day so clearly, you were crying as if I forced you, and I was so tired because I didn’t know I was pregnant. And that was the start of our roller coaster life together.

We’ve been through it all. Through every up and down, through happiness and tears and we’ve made it this far. And I know, we’ll reach forever and we’ll still be together. And so I’m licking up the cheese here because it’s overflowing, how cheesy eh?!

On this day, I just wanted to say thank you more than I love you.

Thank you for sharing a life with me and for teaching me things I never thought I’d knew.

Thank you for understanding me and my complicated ways. Thank you for supporting me, financially and emotionally. I’m just handicapped like that.

Thank you for giving me Wacky and Ecka. They’re just the best headache I ever had.

Thank you for always pretending I’m right and for listening to my endless stories and rants.

Thank you for being a husband, a lover, a best friend and a father to our kids.

And thank you for loving all of me.

Of course, I can’t end it like that because I still wanted you to know why I love you so and how much. Maybe 10 things I love about you won’t be enough, or 10 reasons why I love you this much won’t be as much. It’s tough to detail especially when I love everything about you and so I would say…

Stand in front of me, I love you.

Fart carelessly, I’ll kick you but still I love you.

Snore to the max, I’ll scold you, wake you up but still I love you.

Forget to take a bath on weekends, I’ll stay away from you but *sigh* I still love you.

Forget the trash, I’m mad as a tiger but with *teeth clenched* I still love you.

Hug me from behind while cooking, I’ll squirm but I love it and again I love you.

Kiss me goodnight, hug me tight while you are drenched with sweat, I’ll move away but still I love you beside me, I love waking up seeing you and the kids you know.

I just love you like that! And just like that, I love you more and more.

Happy anniversary Hubby! See you later… 🙂



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