Preschool Drama

My daughter Ericka just started her nursery at a preschool learning center just across the street and a few blocks away from our unit. At first, she’s all right with the idea of going to school, meeting new friends/playmates and teacher. We were so excited and happy. We left the house full of positive feelings and high hopes. She didn’t cry at first but after a few minutes she cried so loud that everyone in the whole preschool vicinity can hear it. I was so disappointed and at the same time anxious. It’s the first time that she’ll be away from me for more than five minutes since I stayed at home. I know it’s just a little separation anxiety because we’re not used to be apart but it’s so sad hearing her cry for hours and pleading to open the door. I can’t do anything about it because the school has strict policy that parents can’t join their child inside the classroom. Sadly and patiently I waited outside until it’s time. She came out bursting in tears and hugged me so tight. She’s so pitiful, that was my initial reaction. She cried harder on our way home. I was shaking because I was so tired from waking up so early to prepare and I was maneuvering a more than 60 lbs stroller (chubby Wacky is there, of course) using one hand and the other hand was holding her hand while she resist.  FML! I want to scream but I can’t because I know she didn’t understand what is happening either. I know she’s not listening but I still tried to explain that going to school is important.

As soon as I closed the door, I burst into tears. I told her to stop crying. I don’t know if it’s because I pitied her, exhaustion or maybe I was hungry since its lunchtime already and I haven’t had my breakfast yet, or maybe it was all of the above. It was so hard for both us. I called my husband to cool myself and to hear some assurance that everything will be ok. I so thank God I have him because he understands everything and he managed to calm me.  She finally stopped crying and I was feeling a little better already.

The next day and the following days, until it’s been a month was the same scenario. Every morning she’ll wake up crying and struggling and I became used to it. I just waited for the day that she will not weep or dread every school day. Yes, it finally came. While I was writing this, she’s in school and having fun. No more morning dramas and everything is under mommy control again. I’m so relieved! I have three hours in the morning looking for one child only, just Wacky. Three fight-free hours! Can you imagine that?!

By the way, I remembered why Ericka don’t want to go to school. She has her reasons, but I don’t get it. Take a look if you’ll take it into consideration.

  • Of course, “mommy’s not there!” Followed by “I miss mommy already!” I’m touched but no I still don’t buy it.
  • Teacher‘s sandwich has no filling. C’mon, as if it’s really the reason.
  • They’re just talking there and she’s bored.
  • Classmates accidentally hurt her and never said sorry. 😦
  • Teacher doesn’t allow her to use the teacher’s laptop?! I think she said that because she is allowed at home to use (or break) my laptop whenever she wants.

In conclusion, I learned that no matter how much your kids cry or resist school, just keep on going. Ignore the whimper. It will be less day by day until she’s adjusted. Finally, you must have a tough heart. Be brave and don’t give in. Stay outside, and don’t ever knock that door and asked the teacher if you can come in and hope that you can make her stop crying. No, she won’t and will never if you keep doing those things. You will just show her  your own anxiety. Be assured that everything will be fine. Take it from me; take it from a mom who suffers more fright than her daughter.

By the way, Wacky will be going to preschool next year and maybe it will be another story but I hope it’s not a drama. Anyhow, I think I know what to expect!

She’s really happy now! 🙂



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