7 Big Family Moments of 2012

1. My daughter entered preschool and gave us a lot of stress. It was hard the first time but ended very well. Now, she knows how to write and draw on walls, on sofa’s, on floors, on their body parts, on my body parts and everywhere. She knows how to reason very well and she has developed in a very good way I must say.

Lesson learned:  Preschool is the start of everything in a toddler. So I have to guide her carefully and I have to release my hold a little bit and let her discover her new world. It’s frightening but I trust her. Reassuring her that we’ll always be there for her and we love her so much somehow makes it easier for all of us.

2. Wacky entered preschool too (for a month). He’s always the target of bullying because unfortunately he didn’t know how to blend in. He thinks he’s a super hero or a pirate or an animal. So, the kids were kind of startled whenever he raised his hand and shouted “I am Spiderman!” I will never forget this “geeky” boy who told my Wacky that he can never be Spiderman because he’s fat. I wanted to tell that poor boy that he could never be Spiderman too because aside from being arrogant he doesn’t have the qualities either (though he’s wearing thick framed glasses or he’s thin too); but I just smiled and grit my teeth instead.

Lesson Learned:  There still a lot bully out there and right now I’m thinking of how I can protect my kids from these types of insignificant creatures. All I can do right now is educate my kids about it and let them know that it feels bad to be a target of bullying but not as bad as being a bully.

3. We got our very first car.

Lesson learned: Having your own car means having extra expenses. Hahahaha! So that’s a lesson learned the hard way.

4. I’ve learned to love Singapore so much. Just like our second home, I’ve learned it ways. I’ve realized how beautiful it’s culture and people.

Lesson learned:  Not everything written on the paper/internet telling about a country is true.Singapore has bad qualities but not that much. People were not racist and a lot of moms are not “kiasus” and in fact very friendly. So, don’t judge a country according to what is printed but instead see and feel it yourself.

5. My husband got a job offer in Bergen, Norway and as little as two months we went back in the Philippines and my husband move to Norway. It’s like a dream. I don’t know what type of dream. Maybe good, because of the opportunities or not because we’re established in Singapore and did I mention that I heart SG?!

Lesson learned: There is no constant in life but change. We never expected this break but we believe that opportunity knocks only once so we might as well open our door and let it in. We are young and strong so why not take chances. Risking our comfortable life in Singapore is hard but we want to grow and experience a new life. Besides, it’s my husband’s dream ever since; way back when we were in Malaysia four years ago.

6. We were separated with my husband for three months and lived the Philippines’ life which is sweet and at the same time bitter. Lot of transitions stressed the hell out of us. Ecka moved to another preschool and as I was watching her embracing the warmth of big family, new friends and environment, I realized that we have raised her well. Snoot… Tissue please!

Lesson learned: I’ve realized that we can’t live far from my husband. We missed him terribly and I awfully regret those moments that we fought when we’re together. We can’t function well when we’re apart because I’m a terrible spender. I need his guidance in terms of expenses and we constantly argue about it. So there, I’ve learned that budgeting and hubby is my weakness.

7. We’re in Norway!  We travelled 24 hours and I must suffer the adversity of a travelling mom with two toddlers. It was nightmarish but at least we’re here together with their dad.

Lesson learned:  Don’t expect a peaceful travel when you have toddlers, no matter what it won’t be easy. Don’t bring heavy carry-on bags, it will kill you.

To sum it all, our 2012 was like a roller coaster ride. It almost made us throw up but we ended fine. White Christmas isn’t that good and dark winter is dreadful but I have a beautiful family by the fire heater celebrating Jul and welcoming another year of hardships and happiness.  So here’s to another year! Cheers! May God bless us with good health, good mind and May we have his Spiritual blessings all the way.


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