Now that you’re Five

Time flew by so fast and I wish every moment would last
Seems like yesterday you were just a tiny baby girl
Seems like yesterday your words are just sounds, the hymn of twirl
Seems like yesterday you walk in sway and swirl, barely make it to the trail
And today you aren’t that girl anymore; the girl I thought was frail
Now you don’t seem bothered to the word fail; just like a ship you’re set and ready to sail.

One morning you woke up and uttered “hey, it’s another day!”
You’re Daddy told me and I smiled. What should I say?
Deep inside I know that day will soon be days, months and years and then I pray,
Please make it slow, make the day longer;
I want to relish every moment with my baby girl in every way.

Now that you’re five I asked your wish on your birthday.
You told me you want a cake, a picnic and a necklace with a blue pendant if you may,
Oh! The simplicity it makes our hearts beat proudly
You’ve grown up to live and dream simply
It seems like you don’t need bits and pieces to be happy.

Now that you’re five you can do a lot of things on your own
You always try to do things by yourself to show me you’ve grown
You sometimes get mad when I don’t leave you alone
But you never forget to show how much you love us, and we know that it will last.

Now that you’re five let me remind you of all the things that make it worthwhile
Your smile is like the sunshine, it makes us forget for a while
Your laughter it makes our day brighter and warmer
Your words are music to our ears and sometimes brought us to tears
Your hug takes away all our fears
Tantrums, stubbornness and all the clutter, you know it doesn’t matter
As long you as you’re happy and healthy, we’ll be here and we won’t falter.

“We love you so much baby girl and we thank you God for giving us one of the most wonderful blessing in our life!”



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