Celebrating Mother’s Day Everyday :)

On mother’s day,

I wish to have a full tantrum-free day and stress-free hubby. I also want it to be gadget free.

I don’t want to be treated special. I don’t want spa day or flowers or cake. I just want a personalized card made by my hubby and kids. I want them to describe me, and tell me the things they love and don’t like about me.

I want hubby and kids to sing me a song and I want us to do some hip hop dance or we can do both at the same time.

I want hubby to cook the breakfast. Pancakes,egg, hotdogs and a cappuccino will be perfect.

I want to have a handy vacuum. the rechargeable, lightweight, super silent and with no cords. 🙂

And if all these things won’t be possible for some reasons, I just wanted them to forget that it’s mother’s day and treat it as a normal day. We’ll spend the weekend same as usual.

They will wake me up asking for breakfast followed by hugs and morning breath kisses.

The kids will throw tantrum, trash the house and eat by the hour. After that they will try to help me clean by trashing it more.

They will argue and fight but will say sorry to each other and I love you afterwards. Somehow, you’ll wonder if I’m mad and if I still love you? To that I will reply yes and kiss each of your messy faces.

Ericka will ask us to be the king and queen in a tea party. We will resist and make excuses but we will find ourselves holding the teacup with the pinky finger out.

Joacquin will shoot pretend web on my mouth when I talk too much. He’s watching Spiderman 1967. Clearly, he doesn’t want to be disturb.

Hubby will sit on his favorite part of the sofa anytime he gets the chance. He will flip the channels for an hour and will complain that there’s nothing good to watch.

While I clean the sink, I will tell hubby the same old story and we’ll both hope that somewhere along my stories, we’ll uncover a new topic. That’s a new one, he’ll say and then we’ll laugh and dig deeper about that new piece.

Our weekend seems to be a page from the instruction of President’s Business manual but like Emet we find it fun and comfortable. Fyi, they are characters from my favorite film “The Lego Movie”. While it’s good to celebrate the Mother’s day on a fine dining restaurant eating some ribs and steak maybe, our weekend with pork stew and rice is equally special.

Happy mother’s Day to me and to every deserving mothers in the whole world! 🙂



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