A Bedtime Story

Once upon a time in a far away room called a bedroom; a beautiful queen called Mom ask the owner if he wants to sleep in his room, on his own bed, by himself. The owner who’s a prince named Joacquin, replied with a firm No!

Joacquin: I’m not yet a big boy, I’m still a baby. šŸ˜¦

Queen Mom: Yes, you are a big boy now and Mommy can’t sleep beside you anymore. If you managed to sleep on your own, I promised to give you a new toy for every night that you will sleep by yourself. Is it a deal?

Of course Joacquin agreed and was very happy and excited. He was sure he can make it.

As bedtime grew nearer, the prince felt anxious. As the Queen Mom finished the bedtime story, he grew more uncomfortable and sad. Lying on his bed, he kept tossing and turning and seemingly contemplating.

Queen Mom: I will watch you until you fall sleep, so sleep now and good night! šŸ™‚

With that, she kissed and hugged the prince goodnight.

Prince Joacquin: Mommy, I have lots of toys and I don’t need some more.

Queen Mom: So?

With the saddest voice, he told the Queen what he was thinking.

Prince Joacquin: I don’t want toys anymore, I just wanted to sleep beside you.

The Queen was so surprised and touched that she hugged and kissed the prince until he fell asleep. She knew that she will need a new ploy to make him sleep on his own. But for the meantime, she decided to stay beside the prince and thought that it’s a happy ending anyway.

So together Prince Joacquin and Queen Mom snore and sleep happily until the next morning!

The End.



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