Life is beautiful. This is what I always tell myself and tell the people around me. Life maybe hard but still there’s something about it that is really worth living for. My dreams don’t come true. I dreamed of a beautiful mansion and every luxury that I can think of but God gave me a small house, two children and a good husband. It was beyond my dreams, it was far from it but I surprisingly loved everything about it. I am blessed. I am loved. I am fulfilled in a very distinctive way. Life has little disappointments but compared to each achievements those little blur is just a tiny dot in a large tracing paper. I failed my licensure exam in architecture, but it doesn’t mean I will never be able to pass. I stayed at home for my husband and children, sometimes bored and feeling worthless but the pride and joy I have deep within me was overwhelming. Time will tell, God will act. Life is beautiful and I want to share my happiness, my struggles, my funny moments, my experiences to someone who might need some assurance that life is simply wonderful no matter what. I want to write to be a blessing to someone. I want to write to fulfill my passion and I want to write to remember all the things.



8 thoughts on “About

    • Thanks for dropping by! My hubby and I created that line,got it from our experiences. :)I’ve been to your blog and subscribed as well because you are one unique person!

    • Hi Tilly! Thanks.. I’ve been reading your jokes secretly and finally subscribe to it and just last night I shared it with my husband before going to sleep. We had a good laugh! 🙂

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