Ahm, I think you don’t need to know.

What are you feeding them? At first, it started as a compliment when they asked me of what my kids were eating. They are healthy but not fat (I think), but as people/strangers asked me the same question over and over again I became confused and asked myself, Is it really a compliment or they’re telling me something wasn’t right with how and what I’m feeding them. A cashier at the grocery morning directed the question to my daughter, she said, “What are you eating little girl and you are like that?” My girl seemed to be perplexed looked at me and I stared at her telling her that she needn’t answer. “You are like that” is annoying. Then the woman behind us asked me the same question, I just smiled because I don’t know what to say actually. I don’t want to find myself answering them sarcastically like, I’m feeding them right period!

My kids were a bit healthy for their age. They actually wear two sizes larger but I don’t know if it’s them or the kids here are just small. Moreover, I think it’s unethical to ask a mom of what their kids are eating without telling them your reason. Maybe, you can say, because they are so cute or healthy or just be honest that they are plump. But in my case if you tell right in front of me that my kids look like they’re eating everything on their sight then you’ll probably hear what you don’t want to hear. I know that sometimes it’s a kind word but when you constantly hear it at the grocery, mrt, elevator and malls, it’s just annoying.

My healthy kids! 🙂


My diet starts (again) today!

I don’t know why  I keep on starting a diet plan and yet never had the will to commit on it. I have weight problems after giving birth. I am short with a height of almost a midget, 5′ flat, weighing 61 kg. I know I’m overweight. I’ve been into yo-yo dieting since college until now. I will lost a huge amount of weight only to gain it back after a month. The problem is I know exactly the reasons why I keep on failing but  I keep on repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Sadly, I will start again today and I’m keeping my fingers crossed. 🙂